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Cultural Appropriation Resources

With the festival being just 3 days away, NEF wants to share some of the learning we have done over the past year around the issue of cultural appropriation, and invite the NEF community to (personally) engage with this issue as well.

NEF is grateful for being encouraged to think about the harmful impact cultural appropriation can have on folks attending and participating in our events. Cultural appropriation involves the use of cultural elements without understanding, acknowledging, or respecting the context that makes the cultural symbol, art form, or mode of expression significant.

NEF is not interested in making assumptions about anyone’s identity, rather, we are asking the NEF community to think about how their choices can have real, tangible impacts on those attending our events.

We recognize that cultural appropriation is a complex and nuanced issue, and for many folks it may not be something they are familiar with or have had the opportunity to learn about. We have been posting some informative resources on our Facebook page to help folks engage with this topic.


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We wanted to share our Safe(r) Spaces Po

We wanted to share our Safe(r) Spaces Policy with you all, because they have been updated recently. We have written out what it is we would like to see when we share NEF spaces together, because everyone might have a different idea of what safe(r) spaces look like to them. You will also see these posted at every event and are welcome to message us with any questions or talk to us in person if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for helping us build awesome communities together!