Not Enough Fest Edmonton

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Cultural Appropriation Resources

With the festival being just 3 days away, NEF wants to share some of the learning we have done over the past year around the issue of cultural appropriation, and invite the NEF community to (personally) engage with this issue as well.

NEF is grateful for being encouraged to think about the harmful impact cultural appropriation can have on folks attending and participating in our events. Cultural appropriation involves the use of cultural elements without understanding, acknowledging, or respecting the context that makes the cultural symbol, art form, or mode of expression significant.

NEF is not interested in making assumptions about anyone’s identity, rather, we are asking the NEF community to think about how their choices can have real, tangible impacts on those attending our events.

We recognize that cultural appropriation is a complex and nuanced issue, and for many folks it may not be something they are familiar with or have had the opportunity to learn about. We have been posting some informative resources on our Facebook page to help folks engage with this topic.


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We wanted to share our Safe(r) Spaces Po

We wanted to share our Safe(r) Spaces Policy with you all, because they have been updated recently. We have written out what it is we would like to see when we share NEF spaces together, because everyone might have a different idea of what safe(r) spaces look like to them. You will also see these posted at every event and are welcome to message us with any questions or talk to us in person if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for helping us build awesome communities together!

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Edmonton Band Archive: women, queer and/or trans artists

NEF has compiled a list of local bands/musicians that have at least one member that identifies as women, queer and/or trans.

Please utilize and add to this chart. This document is publicly accessible and used as a resource by many promoters and artists alike!

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iHuman Volunteer Info Night on January 11th!

iHuman is looking for volunteers to help support youth as they explore their own experiences of creative resistance and survival. Do you want to connect with iHuman youth in meaningful ways and share the skills that help you express yourself?

Come to the Volunteer Information Night on January 11th!

Email to RSVP.



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WOW. Where do we begin? Saturday night was more special than we had even imagined possible. From the bottom of our sappy hearts, we thank you.

Performers, each and every one of you blew us away. Your power, your vulnerability and your talent is awe inspiring. We can’t wait to see you continue to make music, play shows and inspire new bands. Not only are we excited to see what comes of your projects, we want you to know we are here for you and that we plan on finding tangible ways to continue to support your musical aspirations.

Volunteers, we could never have done this without you. We are so grateful for the time, energy and care that you put into making the space feel so safe and supportive.You’ve been there consistently through the last 8 months and have demonstrated to us time and again how much this community matters to you. A big thanks to our amazing volunteer coordinator, Jackie, without whom the day would not have run so smoothly.

Visual artists, decoration visionaries and sound people, we are so grateful that you shared your talents with us and made it so that we could stay true to our vision of centering women, queer, trans and non-binary artists every step of the way. We hope that this community can continue to support the growth of a network of multi-media artists, one that allows us to elevate each others voices and provide opportunities for collaboration.

Karen Green, thank you for all the amazing photos that will help memorialize the festival and everything leading up to it. We know how hard you worked and we appreciate how comfortable and enjoyable you made the whole process.

Supporters, friends, family, lovers, you sustain us. Thank you for believing in this festival and its ability to transform.For the emotional support that allowed us to deeply explore the process of anti oppressive organizing, to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes. Thank you for holding us accountable with care and commitment. Thank you for showing up, for being responsible for your actions and to each other, for being enthusiastic and encouraging and honoring the vulnerability of our participants. Thank you for creating a space so warm, welcoming and accepting that we could feel it profoundly in our bodies.

Thank you to the The Organic Box for all the amazing food, the burrito maestro, Kevin, who spent the entire day making sure we were nourished and to our moms for their baking, running around and understanding.

Thank you to Alberta Public Interest Research Group – APIRG and Make Something Edmonton (and those that helped write our grant applications) for helping fund our event. Thank you to the individuals who donated to our indigogo campaign and generously at the door. And thank you to Black Box Studio for providing us with a safe and comfortable space to jam.

This is not the end for Not Enough Fest or the bands that came out of it. It can’t be. We witnessed something transformative this weekend and believe that the artists and community will continue to create spaces where we actively endeavor towards a more inclusive and truly diverse scene.

For now, we just want to express our love and appreciation for our community. But, you can expect to hear from us in the near future because this momentum is too powerful to stop.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

teary eyed and eternally grateful,

NEF Organizers

PS. We are very much (still) interested in feedback. We plan on holding an event at some point to discuss our learnings/people’s experiences but in the meantime, please feel free to fill out this anonymous form.


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Not Enough Fest line-up

The big show is less than 2 weeks away, and we have SEVENTEEN new bands to showcase! We are so excited to finally hear these bands in action, and it looks like y’all are too!

Seventeen bands is a lot of acts to fit in an evening, so we decided to start the music at 3:30 pm (doors at 2:30). It is going to be a full day & evening of music, so get there early to fit as much in as possible!

After drawing names we have a tentative setlist (tentative because it’s highly possible that things could run behind schedule with such a stacked bill) so you can have an idea of what to expect with the show:

3:30 pm: Space: Nunz
4:00 pm: TEETH
4:30 pm: Slains
5:00 pm: Sister Sarcophagus
5:30 pm: Fell
6:00 pm: Feed Dogs
6:30 pm: Maxi Rad
7:00 pm: Monarchie
7:30 pm: Little Amsterdam
8:00 pm: FOKUS
8:30 pm: BABA YAGA
9:00 pm: Blessing
9:30 pm: Jacqueline Ohm
10:00 pm: PersuAsian
10:30 pm: Labour
11:00 pm: Mansuit Ladydress
11:30 pm: Little Tits

Space is limited, so we strongly encourage folks to come early if they want to guarantee a spot! If your friends are playing, we’d advise you to try to come in time for their set… we will keep track of people who leave early so that space is allowed for new folks to come in.

Lastly, our final accessibility audit is complete. Click here to access it. 

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Sound art workshop with Raylene Campbell

Join NEF at BlackBox Studios on January 11 for a sound/noise workshop led by Raylene Campbell!!!!

About Raylene:
Raylene is an accordionist, improviser, composer, performance artist, audio/video artist, sound designer, and Deep Listening instructor. The focus of Raylene’s creative process involves explorations of acoustic ecology, psychogeography, architecture (acoustic and social spaces), computer interactive technology, and audience interactivity in both performance and installation environments. Raylene often collaborates with other musicians, composers, performers, and artists of multitudinous disciplines.

About the workshop:
The workshop will provide a basic understanding of noise/sound. Noise can be used as a tool for composition and it can be used as a “crutch” for dealing with performance anxiety. Raylene will get to know each performer or band and provide feedback (pun intended) about how they can incorporate noise into their performance/composition in a way that is easy and low tech.

How to sign up:
Space for this workshop is very limited, so we ask that if you plan on attending, you RSVP to:

Attendees will need to come prepared with a song or short performance, so that Raylene can observe and offer advice. Think of it as an opportunity to practice performing in front of a (small) audience of your peers!

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Zine making party and news!

See those two logos at the bottom of this amazing poster by NEF participant Mel MacDonald?

We are excited and grateful to announce that we recently received some funding from Make Something Edmonton and Alberta Public Interest Research Group – APIRG! We hope to use the funding to pay for a jam space for our participants, host more awesome community-building events like this upcoming zine party, put it towards our final festival event on February 28th, and more.

Thanks again to these two organizations for supporting the inclusion and development of women, queer, trans* and non-binary musicians in Edmonton!

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Upcoming NEF events

A couple of events are coming up this week!

First up, we have heard from a few NEFers who want to start bands but haven’t found bandmates yet. It’s not too late!!! We would love to connect all you fine folks with each other. Join us on Thursday, December 11 and sip hot beverages, share musical interests, gush about our rock star hopes and dreams and connect with others who are wanting to start a band and play the February 28, 2015 festival!

Secondly, participants and allies are invited to join us on Saturday, December 13 for a super fun zine making party! No skills or presumed creativity required. There will be magazines and paper and pens and glue sticks. Bring your own stuff to cut out or write/draw with if you want/can. Make a page, submit art you have already made, or just come for the hangout! Thanks to Harcourt House for letting us use their space!