Not Enough Fest Edmonton

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Dear NEF Community,

Did you know that we’ve been creating, supporting, and carving out space together for over two and a half years? In that time, we’ve gathered at over 30 events, including 2 large scale music festivals. We’ve opened our hearts, wallets, gear collections, and even homes to each other in a collective effort to support a more inclusive and accessible music scene. We’ve seen countless folks responsively and accountably use their positions of privilege and social capital to make space for those who need it. And we’ve seen the birth of over 36 new bands! Yeah, how’s that for a success you ridiculous over achievers?!

Taken together, this means that the NEF community has, through their creativity, their generosity, and their willingness to be vulnerable, made a truly meaningful impact on our music community. The change over the last couple of years is amazing. The number of women, queer and trans individuals actively participating in our music scene as performers, promoters, technicians, photographers, appreciators and beyond, is truly powerful.

As organizers, we cannot begin to express our unending gratitude for you all. This was not about us. This was about you. None of this could have happened without your courage, vulnerability, and desire to care and make space for one another. You have taught us so much, and been so patient and generous with us as we learned many lessons about accountable community organizing, accessibility, our own limitations, and the various practical skills needed to put something like this together. In an attempt to give something back to the community that has taught us so much, we have compiled our learnings into a zine that we’ve made available on our facebook page and website. We hope it provides inspiration and guidance to folks who are wanting to organize or get involved with similar projects.

Many of us on the organizing team have been devoted to NEF since its inception. While we all agree that this experience has been one of a lifetime, and something we will be forever grateful for, we are also really tired. For this reason, the current organizing team at NEF is stepping back.

Logistically what this means is that our facebook page will remain up, the band archive will remain active and pinned to our wall along with the previously mentioned NEF resource zine, but no one will be actively maintaining our social media presence or responding to communications. We will also be donating our remaining NEF funds to some incredible organizations: in the sum of $2000 to iHuman Youth Society, $1500 to The Come Up and $500 to Global Choir.

We know that a healthy community is dynamic. It requires new ideas, diverse experiences, and fresh passion. We have seen the resiliency and dedication of this community, and we know that this is not the last we will see of initiatives like this. In fact, we are beyond excited to see and support what rises from the ashes of NEF.

To all of our participants, performers, volunteers, allies, and supporters, thank you for an incredible two and a half years. We hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are of you.

The NEF Organizing Team ❤

Our gifts to you ❤

Edmonton Band Archive

NEF Zine (visit NEF Drive for other versions and instructions on printing)

NEF Resource List

NEF Drive