Not Enough Fest Edmonton

Thank YOU!

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How did it happen so fast?! Another year of Not Enough Fest happened and we are just feeling so many things that it’s hard to put words to it. We can’t believe all of the amazing things that have been shared together over the past 7 months because of NEF, so we want to take some time to share our gratitude for the memories, music, fun, and friendships that have happened.

We want to thank all of the performers. It wouldn’t have been possible to have 2 days of incredible stuff without you sharing your magical creativities, vulnerabilities, honesty, and joy with us. The ways you held our hearts, made us smile, and made us cry was just so special. We hope you will continue sharing your music in whatever way feels good, because the power of your performance is too incredible to contain in one space alone. (And now that there are so many new bands, go and add yourselves to our Edmonton Band Archive!!)

It would be impossible to name all of the volunteers, but you all know who you are. This is a big thank you to all of the volunteers who have brought food to our many events, postered, designed posters, put on workshops/skillshares, mentored folks wanting to learn a new instrument, ran errands, acted as supportive stage hands, lent gear, operated the sound and lights expertly, took gorgeous photos and videos so we can remember it all, helped cook and feed us, worked the merch or door tables, supported our safer spaces, hung decorations or helped us make them, cleaned up, played with kids, and everything else in between and out of range. Thank you for showing that you care and support spaces like this. Thank you for giving us your time and energy. We absolutely adore you!

To everyone who attended, thank you for showing up to the party and making it so fun! Thank you for creating such a supportive environment for the performers and for showing that you want to see and hear music from queer, trans, and women artists, and that spaces where this is prioritized is so important.

We also want to thank everyone who has given us the space and resources to do this work. Thank you Long & McQuade, Ritchie Hall, APIRG, Harcourt House, Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, The Common, Gravity Pope, The Buckingham, and everyone who donated to the Indiegogo campaign.

Spaces and community like this are so special and we are so grateful we got to share it in such good company. We hope you felt nourished and inspired from this past weekend’s event. Thank you for helping us grow communities. We just have so much love for all of this and you. 

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