Not Enough Fest Edmonton

Thank You!

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Feeling overwhelmed by the support of folks harnessing their own energy, talent and connections to support NEF. We know that NEF could not exist with out the venues, promoters, artists and show goers who have put time and energy into providing resources and tangible support to this year’s project. And of course, those who continue to demand and deliver spaces where women, queer folks and trans people are celebrated for the multitude of ways they share their stories.

Thanks to Banjemin T. Fatzpitrick and Accent European Lounge for the first benefit show of the season!

Thanks to Ian Michael Waddell and all the bands who put on an amazing show at The Almanac

Thank you Dave Quirk and 9910 for an incredible benefit show with our favourite NEFers Labour

Thank you in advance, Mikey Muscat and all those participating in the benefit show this upcoming Thursday!
Check it out:

Huge thanks to tzadeka for working with us on on an amazing hip hop show last weekend.

Ghibli it has been such an honour working with you, thanks for helping folks figure out how to navigate the ever complicated ableton and being the sweetest, most wonderful collaborator.

Hood Joplin for helping with so much, including the hip hop showcase. Oh, and sharing your own skills with us. You do such incredible stuff for the community and we can’t wait to work together in the future wink emoticon

We know there are so many other folks that deserve recognition and are so looking forward to celebrating all of y’all!!

We know we don’t (couldn’t) say it enough, but THANK YOU. Thank you for finding ways to support NEF, for taking initiative and rallying your own communities and for answering our calls for support.



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