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Noise Facilitator Profile: Nicole McDonal

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Nicole McDonal

Nicole McDonal started playing music at the tender age of 14 when she was gifted a bass and joined band class halfway through the school year. After being asked by the teacher if nicole knew how to play, she responded with a “HELL YEAH!!!!”. She lied, Nicole didn’t know how to play bass so she secluded herself to her bedroom for the entire night and self taught herself the basics of bass without knowing a single note of theory. The next day in band class, she managed to successfully pluck through Stand by Me, which is probably one of the most recognizable bass riffs in rock ‘n roll history.

Soon after, nicole joined her best friend’s cousin’s band as their bass player. She was the youngest of the band members and once again taught herself the night before their big show at their high school battle of the bands where she blew everyone away with her bass skills! Their band went on to record two albums and went on to play many shows over a period of 2 years.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014, when nicole was gifted a children’s toy and decided to start making noise and taking up space. She found out about not enough fest through friends and that’s when Little Tits was formed. Her love for drum machines and noise reached unproportional heights after finding a Yamaha RX5 on kijiji. Little Tits disbanded after nicole’s instrument sadly bit the electronic dust however, in the silver lining of events, Quantize (, nicole’s current noise project was born.

Nicole has since joined the Not Enough Fest organizers and has been instrumental in helping propel q/t/w musicians to new heights in the edmonton music scene as her promo mom/floret duet encourages the use of the Chart!!!

We are so stoked to have such an amazingly talented and gracious human being and friend co-facilitate the noise workshop on sunday!!!!


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