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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Stacey Hyde

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Our final facilitator profile! Stacey Hyde will be leading the drums session!

If you’re in need of a pot to cook with, you might not want to let Stacey anywhere near it, unless you’re okay with them using it to drum on and not cooking your pasta!

Stacey started drumming on pots and pans with wooden spoons as a wee one and moved onto a “real” rock kit with paper skins when they were about 5 years old. Something major happened in Stacey’s life at 10 and it led them to be gifted with a puppy and a drum set. It was perfect, because Stacey was horribly bored by piano lessons by this time, so they moved onto drum lessons. Stacey and their brother would put on “concerts” for their parents, who paid a quarter to watch them perform.

When Stacey moved to amiskwaciwaskahikan about 6 years ago, they started playing in bands. There was Bus Accident, Scraam, and then finally Banshee, which Stacey has been playing with for about 5 years. Stacey was also performed at Nuit Blanche 2014 in Calgary as part of Wednesday Lupypciw’s group, The Feminist Supremacy – a roaming, restless pack of feminist rock and roll drummers that periodically erupted into choreographed noise.
Perhaps bring a quarter and some excitement for the drums skillshare!

We are so stoked to have Stacey share their amazing talents with us this afternoon at 4pm!

Check out Banshee at


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