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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Billie Zizi

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Facilitator profile: Billie Zizi will be leading the guitar session!

Billie grew up in a family of artists, casually playing music but was gunning for a professional soccer career until injury forced her to reevaluate her life’s ambition. She enrolled in MacEwan University’s jazz guitar program in 2010 and began developing her own sound-one that is lovingly rooted in traditional forms and yet unmistakeably contemporary. Billie calls it “jazz-influenced folk with dirty guitar” and its full-bodied lushness and lyrical directness hits the mark. Billie Zizi has laid the foundations for a satisfying future and with her solid contributions to several side projects (The Gadjo Collective, The Black Wonders, Gypsy Jive) she already has a satisfying career behind and all around her as well as is an accomplished guitarist.
Billie has found huge success with her album ‘Gun Metal Dress’ and will be returning to the studio this spring to record her second album. She will be teaching the guitar workshop on Sunday at the Skill share, we are excited to have such a successful talented person with us to show us the ropes!

Check out Billie’s music at



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