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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Ashanti Karimah Marshall

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Ashanti Karimah Marshall will be part of the How to Start a Band panel!

Karimah a.k.a Ashanti Karimah Marshall is a songwriter with 11 years of eclectic performing and songwriting experience in Edmonton and abroad.
She picked up her first guitar at 16, after a few years of piano lessons, determined to teach herself the basics of the instrument in order to start gigging a.s.a.p. to become the rock star she knew she was created to be.

Fast forward about a decade and she has released albums and singles in Rock, Drum&Bass, Blues and Soul in English and French. Ashanti Marshall was previously known as the lead singer and songwriter for the rock outfit “Noisy Colours”, which she founded and performed with for 5 years, until leaving in 2013.

Now, Ashanti Karimah Marshall is known as Karimah: the soulful solo artist, coming into her own as a black female figure in music. Since 2013, she has been busy. You can call her a burgeoning music producer, a french music artist featured on CBC radio, CJSR and CKUA, a collaborator in the hip­hop/soul collective The Honorroll, and the blues duo Two Blue, and a rocker with her fellow power femmes in Mansuit Ladydress. She has had the honour of representing Edmonton in music competitions in Granby,Quebec and Memphis,TN, and can’t wait to release the debut album that will spark years of global adventures.

Get the music:

Follow Karimah on instagram and twitter: @karimahmusik




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