Not Enough Fest Edmonton

Skill Share Facilitator Profiles!

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We’ll be posting profiles of the facilitators who will be sharing their skills each day leading up to the event on Sunday!

Cassia Hardy is an Edmonton musician and the mastermind behind the band Wares. She has been performing in Edmonton as well as a couple small west coast tours since 2013. Although she often performs alone, Cassia has worked with a band as well. Regardless of the amount of members, Wares/Cassia will capture the attention of any audience with her awe inspiring stage presence.

When asked where she chose the name Wares, Cassia explained “Everyone in the world has value and everyone’s got one or many things that they can offer to the world. Wares is me, Wares is my offering to the world.” This comes through in every performance, she offers up herself in an unapologetic, aggressive and gritty way that will leave your heart full by the end.

Cassia will be apart of the Band Panel on Sunday to share her experience in a band as well as solo. She has so much to offer and Not Enough Fest is so grateful to have her share her wisdom with us.

photos by Max Paran and Indy Randhawa




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