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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Stacey Hyde


Our final facilitator profile! Stacey Hyde will be leading the drums session!

If you’re in need of a pot to cook with, you might not want to let Stacey anywhere near it, unless you’re okay with them using it to drum on and not cooking your pasta!

Stacey started drumming on pots and pans with wooden spoons as a wee one and moved onto a “real” rock kit with paper skins when they were about 5 years old. Something major happened in Stacey’s life at 10 and it led them to be gifted with a puppy and a drum set. It was perfect, because Stacey was horribly bored by piano lessons by this time, so they moved onto drum lessons. Stacey and their brother would put on “concerts” for their parents, who paid a quarter to watch them perform.

When Stacey moved to amiskwaciwaskahikan about 6 years ago, they started playing in bands. There was Bus Accident, Scraam, and then finally Banshee, which Stacey has been playing with for about 5 years. Stacey was also performed at Nuit Blanche 2014 in Calgary as part of Wednesday Lupypciw’s group, The Feminist Supremacy – a roaming, restless pack of feminist rock and roll drummers that periodically erupted into choreographed noise.
Perhaps bring a quarter and some excitement for the drums skillshare!

We are so stoked to have Stacey share their amazing talents with us this afternoon at 4pm!

Check out Banshee at

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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Stephanie Bosch

Facilitator profile: Stephanie Bosch will be leading the bass session!

Stephanie Bosch started writing music on the guitar at the age of 17 in an attempt to woo the ladies. It probably worked, but in the process, Stephanie ended up getting wooed by making music and has since followed that love. Six years later in 2011, Stephanie moved to Toronto to pursue music as a career and formed an alternative rock band called The C’mons, which was noted by the Toronto Star as one of the top ten breakout bands in 2014.

Stephanie moved to Glasgow in 2015 and transitioned back to a solo artist, completing a degree and an electronic album titled “Young Giant” under the pseudonym THES. Stephanie has a ton of experience in producing, songwriting, singing, and playing basically anything (except for drums!), and is going to give you lots of exciting things to learn in the bass skillshare on Sunday.

We are incredibly excited that Stephanie is going to give you lots of exciting things to learn in the bass skillshare on Sunday.

Check out Stephanie’s music at:

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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Billie Zizi

Facilitator profile: Billie Zizi will be leading the guitar session!

Billie grew up in a family of artists, casually playing music but was gunning for a professional soccer career until injury forced her to reevaluate her life’s ambition. She enrolled in MacEwan University’s jazz guitar program in 2010 and began developing her own sound-one that is lovingly rooted in traditional forms and yet unmistakeably contemporary. Billie calls it “jazz-influenced folk with dirty guitar” and its full-bodied lushness and lyrical directness hits the mark. Billie Zizi has laid the foundations for a satisfying future and with her solid contributions to several side projects (The Gadjo Collective, The Black Wonders, Gypsy Jive) she already has a satisfying career behind and all around her as well as is an accomplished guitarist.
Billie has found huge success with her album ‘Gun Metal Dress’ and will be returning to the studio this spring to record her second album. She will be teaching the guitar workshop on Sunday at the Skill share, we are excited to have such a successful talented person with us to show us the ropes!

Check out Billie’s music at


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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Sierra Jamerson


Photo by Samantha Parker (SC Parker Photography)

Sierra Jamerson will be leading the Vocals session.

Whether she graces the stage with simply her piano and a song, or with her electrifying band, Sierra Jamerson bares her soul on stage. With climbing vocals and locked in grooves, Sierra’s authenticity often moves audiences to tears. Lyrically she is raw and honest, tackling themes of self-love, body image, heartbreak, passion, and equality. Her songs are derived from a wisdom beyond her years, and the desire to uplift all audiences, but especially to empower other young women.

Sierra has performed with many notable international artists, including Mavis Staples, legendary Motown group The Drifters, Madagascar Slim and Josh Groban. One of her proudest achievements occurred in 2005, where she sang in a command performance for Queen Elizabeth II. She has received numerous awards for her music, including the Rawlco Radio Continuing Award and the Astral Media Radio GP Scholarship. She was also a featured soloist on the Canadian Gospel Music Awards Album of the Year “Ain’t That Good News”. Her debut EP, “Blood in the Water” was nominated for Best Urban Recording at the 2015 Western Canadian Music Awards. It also reached number two on Ride the Tempo’s indie charts, and has been played on radio stations across North America. She is currently writing and recording her second EP, gearing for her upcoming Canadian tour, and lending her voice to various social justice causes in her community.

Follow Sierra on Twitter @SierraJamerson

Not Enough Fest is thrilled to be able to offer a vocals session with Sierra on Sunday January 31st. Registration ends tonight at 9pm!!!

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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Laura Stolte

Laura Stolte will be part of the How to Start a Band panel on Sunday!

Laura has been playing music since she was a teenager, and always wanted to be in a band. Not Enough Fest last year provided the perfect opportunity to explore some of her many musical genre interests and explore different idea’s for putting together a band. She was in two bands in last years festival, fronting the grunge inspired Fell and as half of the musical comedy duo Space Nunz. Since last February Space Nunz have been playing music and comedy shows around Edmonton. Not Enough Fest is thrilled to have Laura be a part of the making a band panel to share some of her insights and experiences about her Not Enough Fest experience as well as with Space Nunz in the last year.

Check out Space:Nunz on Facebook

Twitter: @Space_Nunz

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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Ashanti Karimah Marshall


Ashanti Karimah Marshall will be part of the How to Start a Band panel!

Karimah a.k.a Ashanti Karimah Marshall is a songwriter with 11 years of eclectic performing and songwriting experience in Edmonton and abroad.
She picked up her first guitar at 16, after a few years of piano lessons, determined to teach herself the basics of the instrument in order to start gigging a.s.a.p. to become the rock star she knew she was created to be.

Fast forward about a decade and she has released albums and singles in Rock, Drum&Bass, Blues and Soul in English and French. Ashanti Marshall was previously known as the lead singer and songwriter for the rock outfit “Noisy Colours”, which she founded and performed with for 5 years, until leaving in 2013.

Now, Ashanti Karimah Marshall is known as Karimah: the soulful solo artist, coming into her own as a black female figure in music. Since 2013, she has been busy. You can call her a burgeoning music producer, a french music artist featured on CBC radio, CJSR and CKUA, a collaborator in the hip­hop/soul collective The Honorroll, and the blues duo Two Blue, and a rocker with her fellow power femmes in Mansuit Ladydress. She has had the honour of representing Edmonton in music competitions in Granby,Quebec and Memphis,TN, and can’t wait to release the debut album that will spark years of global adventures.

Get the music:

Follow Karimah on instagram and twitter: @karimahmusik



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Skill Share Facilitator Profile: Nicole Boychuk

Nicole Boychuk will be part of the making a band panel.

Nicole is the founding member of local Edmonton band, I Hate Sex.
I Hate Sex was formed in December 2014, after being empowered through the existence of NEF. IHS played their first show February 2015, and since then have released 3 tapes, toured western Canada, opened for Pissed Jeans at Sled Island Music Festival, and have their debut EP, Circle Thinking, scheduled for release on vinyl for spring 2016.

Nicole is an advocate for the arts, and is in her last semester of university taking Arts and Cultural Management. She is a fan of horror films, fancy bookstores, and breakfast.

We are so excited to have Nicole be a part of the How to Start a Band Panel, join us Sunday afternoon. And please remember to register by Friday, January 29th so we know what equipment to have available!


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Skill Share Facilitator Profiles!

We’ll be posting profiles of the facilitators who will be sharing their skills each day leading up to the event on Sunday!

Cassia Hardy is an Edmonton musician and the mastermind behind the band Wares. She has been performing in Edmonton as well as a couple small west coast tours since 2013. Although she often performs alone, Cassia has worked with a band as well. Regardless of the amount of members, Wares/Cassia will capture the attention of any audience with her awe inspiring stage presence.

When asked where she chose the name Wares, Cassia explained “Everyone in the world has value and everyone’s got one or many things that they can offer to the world. Wares is me, Wares is my offering to the world.” This comes through in every performance, she offers up herself in an unapologetic, aggressive and gritty way that will leave your heart full by the end.

Cassia will be apart of the Band Panel on Sunday to share her experience in a band as well as solo. She has so much to offer and Not Enough Fest is so grateful to have her share her wisdom with us.

photos by Max Paran and Indy Randhawa



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Come to NEF’s Musical Skill Share on January 31st!

Not Enough Fest is hosting our first skillshare for NEF participants who are considering starting a band for the 2016 fest!

It is free or by donation. If you plan on attending any sessions, registration is mandatory! Please fill out this form by Friday, January 29 @ 9:00 PM.

We will be hosting 5 different music related skill shares in one day. Each workshop is all-ages, and all skill levels.

*** This will start right on time as we need to be out of the space by 7 pm ***


2:00 PM – Intros
2:15 – 3:00 PM – How to Start a Band 101
3:00 – 4:00 PM – Vocals 101
4:00 – 5:00 PM – Drums 101
5:00 – 6:00 PM – Guitar 101
5:00 – 6:00 PM – Bass 101

How to Start a Band 101 – The idea of starting a band from scratch can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Come check out this short panel discussion on how to start a band and have your questions answered!

Vocals – Learn techniques and vocal tips from an experienced vocalist.

Drums – Learn basic drum techniques and familiarize yourself with the kit. **There will be only one actual kit at this session and participants will practice their techniques on practice pads.

Guitar- Learn basic guitar techniques and familiarize yourself with the instrument.

Bass- Learn basic bass techniques and familiarize yourself with the instrument.

If you are bringing your own instrument we ask that you bring it tuned to standard tuning. We will have tuners available if needed.

Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts is an all ages venue.
9225 – 118 ave
Edmonton, AB
T5G 0K6
Phone: 780-474-7611

Accessible by transit on the #5 and #8.
Stops1538 (93 Street and 118 Avenue; 9 meters away) and 1469 (93 Street and 118 Avenue; 85 meters away) are the closest. Bus tickets available.

This is a physically accessible and all-ages venue.
– Has two front pull doors (long lengthwise handles) with automatic door buttons.
– Curbside dropoff at the main entrance from DATS is possible.
– There is a wheelchair accessible, single stall washroom in the main entrance by the doors.
– Due to the nature of the event, there will be a lot of noise, and it will likely be quite loud.

Facebook event:

Amazing and inspiring poster by Kyle Fairall!


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Album Art From Today’s Mixer!

In our activity we did a quiz to see which feminist musical icon you were, then as groups made the album art for that person! Love all of these so much! We are so excited to kick this year’s NEF with all you amazing people!

THANK YOU to all the volunteers, food bringers, participants, the event poster by Beverley (check out ) and Harcourt House for having us.

Stay tuned for our next event on January 31st! NEF presents: Musical Skill Share!