Not Enough Fest Edmonton

THIS SUNDAY! NEF Community Debrief & Documentary Screening!

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NEF is hosting a community debrief and film screening of the short documentary that was made last year. We value the thoughts and feedback of the community and want to work together to make NEF 2016 even better! Please join us this Sunday, December 13th at 7pm at BikeWorks South and share!

“Not Enough Fest is a community driven initiative and accountability and transparency is important to us. We know we have learning to do and many blind spots that need addressing and we are grateful for all of the feedback we have received so far. We want to ensure that everyone who has something to say feels they have the opportunity to do so. The debrief will include multiple avenues for participants to provide their thoughts and feelings, including through writing, verbally, and anonymously.”

Thanks to the always amazing, Jacqueline, for this wonderful poster!


If you cannot make this event but would like to share your thoughts with us, you may also fill out this feedback form:


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