Not Enough Fest Edmonton

Not Enough Fest line-up

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The big show is less than 2 weeks away, and we have SEVENTEEN new bands to showcase! We are so excited to finally hear these bands in action, and it looks like y’all are too!

Seventeen bands is a lot of acts to fit in an evening, so we decided to start the music at 3:30 pm (doors at 2:30). It is going to be a full day & evening of music, so get there early to fit as much in as possible!

After drawing names we have a tentative setlist (tentative because it’s highly possible that things could run behind schedule with such a stacked bill) so you can have an idea of what to expect with the show:

3:30 pm: Space: Nunz
4:00 pm: TEETH
4:30 pm: Slains
5:00 pm: Sister Sarcophagus
5:30 pm: Fell
6:00 pm: Feed Dogs
6:30 pm: Maxi Rad
7:00 pm: Monarchie
7:30 pm: Little Amsterdam
8:00 pm: FOKUS
8:30 pm: BABA YAGA
9:00 pm: Blessing
9:30 pm: Jacqueline Ohm
10:00 pm: PersuAsian
10:30 pm: Labour
11:00 pm: Mansuit Ladydress
11:30 pm: Little Tits

Space is limited, so we strongly encourage folks to come early if they want to guarantee a spot! If your friends are playing, we’d advise you to try to come in time for their set… we will keep track of people who leave early so that space is allowed for new folks to come in.

Lastly, our final accessibility audit is complete. Click here to access it. 


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