Not Enough Fest Edmonton

Sound art workshop with Raylene Campbell

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Join NEF at BlackBox Studios on January 11 for a sound/noise workshop led by Raylene Campbell!!!!

About Raylene:
Raylene is an accordionist, improviser, composer, performance artist, audio/video artist, sound designer, and Deep Listening instructor. The focus of Raylene’s creative process involves explorations of acoustic ecology, psychogeography, architecture (acoustic and social spaces), computer interactive technology, and audience interactivity in both performance and installation environments. Raylene often collaborates with other musicians, composers, performers, and artists of multitudinous disciplines.

About the workshop:
The workshop will provide a basic understanding of noise/sound. Noise can be used as a tool for composition and it can be used as a “crutch” for dealing with performance anxiety. Raylene will get to know each performer or band and provide feedback (pun intended) about how they can incorporate noise into their performance/composition in a way that is easy and low tech.

How to sign up:
Space for this workshop is very limited, so we ask that if you plan on attending, you RSVP to:

Attendees will need to come prepared with a song or short performance, so that Raylene can observe and offer advice. Think of it as an opportunity to practice performing in front of a (small) audience of your peers!


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