Not Enough Fest Edmonton

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Zine making party and news!

See those two logos at the bottom of this amazing poster by NEF participant Mel MacDonald?

We are excited and grateful to announce that we recently received some funding from Make Something Edmonton and Alberta Public Interest Research Group – APIRG! We hope to use the funding to pay forĀ a jam space for our participants, host more awesome community-building events like this upcoming zine party, put it towards our final festival event on February 28th, and more.

Thanks again to these two organizations for supporting the inclusion and development of women, queer, trans* and non-binary musicians in Edmonton!


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Upcoming NEF events

A couple of events are coming up this week!

First up, we have heard from a few NEFers who want to start bands but haven’t found bandmates yet. It’s not too late!!! We would love to connect all you fine folks with each other. Join us on Thursday, December 11 and sip hot beverages, share musical interests, gush about our rock star hopes and dreams and connect with others who are wanting to start a band and play the February 28, 2015 festival!

Secondly, participants and allies are invited to join us on Saturday, December 13 for a super fun zine making party! No skills or presumed creativity required. There will be magazines and paper and pens and glue sticks. Bring your own stuff to cut out or write/draw with if you want/can. Make a page, submit art you have already made, or just come for the hangout! Thanks to Harcourt House for letting us use their space!