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Not Enough Fest Skill Share

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Sunday, August 24 at 4:30pm – 10:00pm
Harcourt House Artist Run Centre 10215 112 St

We are hosting our first skill share for NEF participants who are considering starting a band for the fest!

We will be hosting 5 different music related skill shares in one day:

1. 30 mins of How to Start a Band 101 – The idea of starting a band from scratch can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Come check out this short panel discussion on how to start a band and have your questions answered!

2. 1 hour guitar skill share – Learn basic guitar techniques and familiarize yourself with the instrument.

3. 1 hour drum skill share – Learn basic drum techniques and familiarize yourself with the kit. **There will be only one actual kit at this session and participants will practice their techniques on practice pads.

4. 1 hour bass skill share – Learn basic bass techniques and familiarize yourself with the instrument.

5. 1 hour vocals workshop – Learn basic singing techniques. Facilitators will touch on basic techniques for melodic signing as well as techniques for heavier vocals.

If you plan on attending any sessions, please fill out this registration form. Child care is available if needed, just let us know in your registration:

Check back soon for the workshop schedule! As a rough idea, we have the space from 4:00 – 10:00 and workshops will be running back to back and one at a time.

There will be a second room for snacks and mingling for those who are not attending every workshop.

***Harcourt House is a physically accessible and all ages venue. Harcourt House has two buildings, we will be in the one on the right/south. It’s a single floor building (no stairs to get in or around inside) and has large single stall washrooms. It is located at 10215 112 St NW, (between Jasper Avenue and 104 ave), accessible by transit on the #5, #120, #135, #2, #112 and #8 ***


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