Not Enough Fest Edmonton

Not Enough Fest’s first community mixer!

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Hello Edmonton! It’s time for Not Enough Fest’s first community mixer.

Tuesday, June 17at 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Sprucewood Library, 11555 95 St

Find out how you can get involved and help work out the goals and logistics of the fest. If you’re interested in learning more about this project or think you want to be involved, we would love to see you there!

We only have the room at the library from 7:00-9:00, which means the meeting will be starting at 7:00 sharp! If you would like to mingle before the meeting, come at 6:30 to meet some amazing community members. AND THERE WILL BE SNACKS!

the library has a wheelchair ramp / single stair to access the library, as well as power assist doors. All areas in the renovated area are designed to be wheelchair accessible.

The #5 bus stops just across the street from the library. The #3 stops within 1 block of the library.

Not Enough Fest is a community-based, grassroots initiative aimed at creating a more inclusive and diverse Edmonton music scene. WIth the goal of supporting more woman-identified, queer and gender-creative (W/Q/GC) people getting involved in music, Not Enough Fest Edmonton will culminate in an all-ages show with all-new bands performing for the first time.

We’ll work together to provide community supports, skill shares, and access to practice spaces and instruments throughout the coming months, with the final show in February 2015.

In order to pull this project off, we are asking the community to step up and support the festival in whatever way you can. There are lots of ways to be involved beyond participating in a band and playing the fest! We are also looking to crowd source music gear, jam spaces, artist skills, skill-share facilitators, etc. If you have any resources or mad-skills that you would like to share in order to see this fest materialize, we would love to hear about them either at this meeting or by email at

Not Enough Fest is about making space for woman-identified/queer/gender creative (W/Q/GC) individuals to come together and build a festival from the ground up. This means that we want to make space for these individuals to develop and practice the skills required to fully participate in building an inclusive music scene. In order to encourage this development, we would like to reserve the organizing, skill sharing, and facilitator roles for W/Q/GC individuals. To our cis-male allies: We really value your support and contributions and this is your chance to support a W/Q/GC led project by assisting with behind-the-scenes tasks like resource sharing and logistical support.

Top 3 things to know:

1. In order to play this show, your band must be brand new. Not Enough Fest 2015 will be your first show.

2. Not Enough Fest is designed to encourage the participation of W/Q/GC people in music. Allies are encouraged to provide resources, space, instruments and other behind-the-scenes support.

3. All ranges of skills and abilities are encouraged to participate. Even if you’ve never played an instrument before or have never been in a band before, this is a great opportunity to get started! Support for beginner musicians will be provided in the months before the fest.

This project was inspired by:

We’re excited to meet you all this Tuesday, June 17!


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