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Get involved and first mixer re-cap

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Fill out this participation form or answer the questions in the body of a message and email it to us at if you would like to be involved by supporting the festival or participating by playing in a band!

Thanks to everyone who made it out on Tuesday, we had a great turnout for our first meeting and there was a lot of excitement in the room! Our next planned event will be on July 6 at 7 pm, location TBD. It will be a social mixer to help those of you wanting to play music meet potential bandmates, which we will help facilitate. Old pros and brand newbies are encouraged to attend! Follow this page or email for details.

We also wanted to provide a bit of an overview of what was discussed, for those who were unable to make it. As far as logistics, we are imagining that Not Enough Fest is on a 6ish month time line. So in about 6 months we will be having a sweet music festival where every band on the bill is composed of women-identified, queer or gender creative individuals and all the bands are playing their first show. The festival is designed to acknowledge the fact that there are lots of reasons why those groups might not already be in awesome bands playing awesome festivals – they might be experiencing barriers around entering the music scene as performers. These barriers might include not having access to instruments, not having a place to play, not being encouraged to play music, having no musical role models that share their identity, not knowing other people to be in bands with, etc. So in order to support a truly inclusive music scene here in Edmonton we need to address these barriers.

Not Enough Fest hopes to address at least some of these barriers by offering infrastructure to support the development of new musicians and bands in the months leading up to the festival. The types of support that other Not Enough Fests have provided include things like instrument and gear shares, practice spaces, mixers where people can meet band mates, and instrument skill shares for people who want to learn a new instrument. Not Enough Fest Edmonton hopes to provide a lot of this same stuff (and more – movie nights? Potlucks! fundraisers!), but before we can figure out exactly what these supports will look like we need to identify what our community needs and also what our community can provide.

Attached is a checklist/form to fill out if you’d like to participate. You can print it and email it back to us at, or you can just answer the questions in the body of an email or facebook message.

We’ve also had some great information and events shared on our page since Tuesday. Please check out the following links:

A resource for those interested in learning about ableist language:

A cool project to bring electronic music workshops to Girls Rock Camps this Summer:

A movie at Metro Cinema about girls in Sweden forming a punk band. Some of the Not Enough Fest folks are hoping to go on the 26th if anyone wants to go as a group!

If you’re more interested in learning to perform as a comedian than a musician, there is a weekly open mic show at The Empress on Sundays at 8:30 (9912 Whyte Ave.) run by local comedian Clare Belford:

Stay tuned for more info!



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