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Second mixer re-cap

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We want to thank everyone who came out yesterday to our first participant mixer! We had approx. 50 people join us and the evening was a blast! We really appreciated everyone’s enthusiasm and energy. A few people have requested that we post “minutes” from the event so here is what went down:

This was our first mixer for anyone who is even considering participating in a band for the fest. The purpose of the mixers generally is to facilitate the formation of new bands by giving participants a chance to meet one another and figure out who they might vibe with. Because this was our first mixer, there was no pressure to actually form a band, it was just the first of many opportunities to start getting to know each other and scope out different band possibilities as well as build community.

The activities included a noise making jam using unconventional instruments and a structured mingling activity where each participant was given a zine with conversation prompters on the first page followed by blank pages. Participants were asked to find someone they didn’t already know, discuss one of the conversation prompters, and then exchange books and draw the person they were chatting with as they imagine that person participating in the festival. At the end of the activity everyone had a personalized zine to take home illustrating different possibilities for how they can be a rock star!

The organizers also explained that they will be spending the next few weeks getting the logistics around resources/venues etc sorted out so there will be a bit of a break in participant events as we focus our energies on those details, but stay tuned to the facebook page for more updates.

Lastly, if you have not yet filled out a checklist, please do so (but ignore the information about the next mixer, that was for yesterday’s event)! Email us your info at

Thanks again to everyone who attended last night (or was there in spirit). Looking forward to more great community building, music making and creativity!

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